Always Changing

You may have realized that your body is going through some big changes right now. This is perfectly normal and exciting, because you are on your way to becoming the person you were always meant to be.

Think about this: every single person has to grow up. Everyone you know, from your teachers, parents and neighbors, were teenagers once themselves. It may be hard to imagine or remember, but everyone goes through changes in their own ways.

If these changes still feel intimidating, there are many ways to help feel better every day:

  1. Work out– no one ever has ever regretted a workout, no matter how small. Take the time out to work your body out, and you will soon start to appreciate the changes in your body in a big way.
  2. Be prepared– Keep an emergency kit of all the things you may need. This may include pads, tampons, extra deodorant, a small sewing kit, and a hair tie. You’ll be grateful to have these on hand.
  3. Go shopping– Dressing for your body is super important. You want to fit into a pretty sweater that you saw on sale, or those jeans that you’ve had forever, but accepting that your body is changing, and dressing accordingly is much more important.
  4. Keep a journal– write those feeling down. Studies show that people who keep journals feel better after organizing their thoughts, so buy a pretty notebook and get writing.
  5. Drink plenty of water– This with getting plenty of sleep is advice that will always be true, so stick to it.

Truth is, our bodies are always changing. Although your teens are the time when your body changes the most, your body will continue to change over time, in big and small ways. Understanding this and embracing it can be the key to improve self-confidence and embracing your body for the wonder that it is.


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