Teachers are some of the most under-appreciated but critically important people in the world.  You are asked to be everything to everyone, to teach standards and get kids to excel on tests, to help them become good citizens while properly punctuating their papers and calculating their math problems.

But one area in which the curriculum often falls woefully short is nutrition education.  And as a teacher or principal who surely cares about the students in your building, it can feel overwhelming to look around your classroom and see how many of your students are overweight, how many are on medication for ADHD, or how many bring barely a bag of chips for lunch.

While you may be able to steer your students in a slightly better direction when it comes to the food they eat on campus, there is only so much you can do in the short period of time you have them each week, and with all the other obligations on your plate.  Plus, it’s really more the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the home is a place where good, healthy habits are taught and sustained.

I am eager to come to your school and provide free workshops to your students and, even more importantly, to the parents of your students.  My goal is to help the families in your school community become places where nutritious, whole foods fuel the minds and bodies of tomorrow’s leaders.  Please contact me today to see how I can support your good work in educating the next generation.