Few things are more difficult as a parent than watching your child struggle with his or her weight, especially the issues of self-image and self-worth that can result from being obese or overweight.  You want to help, but don’t know how.  Maybe you don’t know what foods to choose, or how to shop and cook in healthy ways.  You try to talk with your child, but all you get is resistance that results in escalating tension between you.

I’ve been that overweight teen, and I’ve raised kids of my own.  As a certified health coach specializing in the care of teenagers, I take a special approach to supporting young people on their journeys to health and happiness.  I am uniquely able to establish a rapport of warmth and trust that allows them to overcome the emotional components behind poor eating choices, and tap into their own wisdom and determination to make positive choices that will last a lifetime.  I offer workshops, group programs, and one-one-one support.   And I can work with you too, to help you in your efforts to be a knowledgeable and supportive parent for your child.