As childhood obesity rates climb steadily higher, doctors and other wellness providers are faced with more and more health problems suffered by the young patients for whom you care.  You know the expected outcomes when kids carry around too many pounds: early onset of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease at younger ages, stroke and cancer risks… the list goes on.

What you might find most frustrating is how to actually reverse these conditions when you have such a limited amount of time with your patients.  You can tell them to eat better, eat less, and move more, but you don’t have time for the sustained communication and support necessary to actually help your young patients achieve optimal health.

This is where I come in to support you – and them.  I’d love to partner with your practice to provide a truly effective, compassionate, and long term “prescription” for your teen patients who most need to lose weight and reclaim their youthful health.   I offer workshops, programs, and one-one-one coaching and support to meet a full range of budget and personal needs.

Please explore the links on this page to learn more, and contact me to see how I can support you.