Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshopsteens3For Teens


Fun, interactive information & resources How to pick a good one & better yet, how to make them yourself

Sweet Emotions Learn the health benefits of chocolate Deliciously fun! How to make the best choices Strategies to find peace & balance with the treats in your life


teens 2Here’s To Me An empowering workshop for young girls & teens Learn how food & lifestyle choices can help or harm

Nutrition for Young Athletes Busy kids need to eat right to get the most out of their activities Optimize performance & energy & feel great

For Adults

Holistic Wellness Workshops with Mind Health Nutrition

Presented by Linda Mandelbaum, HHC, AADP

Natural Wellness: A fun and interactive class all about how your food and lifestyle choices impact your lifelong health and wellness.

Sweet Emotions: Learn the health benefits of chocolate! A deliciously fun class on how to pick the best chocolates for your health along with strategies to find peace and balance with the treats in your life.

Holiday Survival: How to survive the holidays without gaining 10 lbs, going broke, severing family ties, or losing your mind.

Wworkshop pics (2)eigh Less, Live more: End the diet cycle and learn how to truly lose weight and keep it off

Eating for Energy: You really are what you eat. Learn how certain foods can fuel you for the long run, and which ones are sucking the life right out of you.

Whole Foods and Healthy Meal Planning: It can be hard to figure it all out! Learn the basics of what whole foods are, how they benefit you, and how to prepare them along with some fantastic easy to follow strategies to use meal planning in any home.

Sugar Blues: For sugar addicts and those who love them.  Learn all about the world of sugar along with some fantastic tips and strategies to help you break free once and for all.

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“Linda Mandelbaum is an invaluable Health Practitioner, seminar facilitator, staff member and colleague of Calliope Fitness and Arts working side by side with us at many health, wellness and charitable events.” – Rhonda

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